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Bridging the gap in participation with high quality provision

One 2 One

The Qualitas One2One Coaching program was launched in 2014 and has proved to be a huge success and is showing continued progress and development.

All the players we have currently on the program have developed massively over the last few months, with some opting for two sessions per week. The results have been exceptional!

Designed for all levels and abilities

Build confidence after each session

Improve Technique and Focus

What we offer

Qualitas One2One sessions are designed to focus on all areas young footballers need to progress to help bridge the gap between grass roots football and academy standards. 

Football Specific:

  • Focused technical development.

  • Tactical and positional awareness.

  • Shooting and passing accuracy.

  • Improved agility, balance and co-ordination.

Goalkeeper Specific: 

  • Handling technique.

  • Shot stopping and recovery.

  • Positioning and closing angles.

  • Specialist set play work.

  • Ground and in-hand distribution.

Athletic Development:

  • Age appropriate.

  • Speed development.

  • Injury prevention.

  • Improved agility, balance and co-ordination.

  • Strength and power development

Netball Specific:

  • Develop coordination.

  • Shooting and Passing accuracy.

  • Speed, Agility and Balance.

Fitness Specific:

    • Develop Speed and Agility.

    • Endurance and Cardio Fitness.

    • Injury Prevention.

    • Strength and Conditioning.

    • Sport-Specific.



Focused programs designed to meet the positional demands and characteristics of the player.


Dedicating intensive hours to improving key skills allows a faster rate of development.


General Physical Preparedness (GPP) Developing basic physical capabilities will have a positive carryover to the field.


Positive reinforcement and self-fulfilment from achieving goals builds confidence which has a positive effect on performance.

Book in a 121

If you would like to book in a 121 for your child please purchase some sessions below