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for all abilities

Encouragement, enthusiasm, empathy and engagement to allow Children to develop and progress at their own speed



We are a highly professional service known to inspire a passion for sport and physical activity offering Primary/Secondary schools sports coaching/Mutli-discpline One2One sessions, Sport Camps and Skill specific sports sessions for all abilities.

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The Qualitas Scholarship Programme was introduced in 2012 to bridge the gap between grass root and academy football. Each session is specifically designed to work on the four corners of football development, working in blocks of 12 weeks to keep training challenging, focused and enjoyable.  Our coaches work with the player’s to create an environment where everyone can develop and progress at their own speed. Through encouragement, enthusiasm, empathy and engagement your child will work through fast footwork drills, possession games and match play that will speed up player’s thought process.

All of our coaches are FA Level 2 and above in order to ensure how training sessions are led to that of an academy standard session. The majority of coaches all have experience playing at a good football playing standard.. From June onwards, we will be offering feedback quarterly (September, December, March & June) in the theme of player pathway reports that cover the four corners of football, physical, psychological, technical and tactical, so we can identify areas for improvement in order to help take each child’s game to the next level. 


At qualitas, we offer two separate packages to join our programme. These packages are that of an elite scholar and a development scholar.

Developing Scholar

Take part in the development games and represent Qualitas to bridge the gap between grass root and academy football


Our Elite Scholarship entitles you to take part in the JPL and represent Qualitas to bridge the gap between grass root and academy football

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