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School Sports Partnership

Bridging the gap in participation with high quality provision

Qualitas School Games

Qualitas Sport provide schools with the opportunity for children to participate in a wide variety of inter school events, spanning over 20+ different sports.

Spanning from Foundations Stage 2 to Year 6, each school taking part have had the opportunity to compete in both festival and competition format events. Seasonal fixtures in a variety of sports are organised throughout the academic year.

As part of the School Sports Partnership, staff CPD is offered based on the feedback from head teachers and Sports Co-coordinators.

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What's Included

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School Games Events

The school has access to all 16 events with the cluster; a mix of competition and festival-based formats, aimed at a variety of age groups across KS1 and KS2. If a school qualifies, they will have access to the regional final events.

School Games Fixtures

The school will have access to Netball and Football Fixtures across certain terms within the school year in attempt to qualify for regional finals.

School PE Curriculum and Framework

The school has access to the PE Curriculum and school framework create by Qualitas to be used as a base for the school to use and integrate their school’s targets philosophy and values.

School Games Portal

The school will have access to the school games portal where they are able to track participation and attendance at events and extra curricular activities, organise the school PE curriculum, events and extracurricular activities and create a portfolio.

PE Session Plans

The school has access to a variety of PE session plans that fall into the category of Invasion Games, Striking and Fielding, Athletic Development, Racket Sports, Dance and Gymnastics. These schemes of work look follow the Intent, Implementation and Intent framework and are differentiated between Key Stage groups.

School Pupil PE Assessment Tool

The school has access to a a PE pupil assessment tracker that incorporate the PE Curriculum and the criteria associated with each type of Physical Education game/skill strategy.

Schools Games Mark

The school will have access to the Qualitas school game review where we will take into the account a schools strategy for PE, opportunity it has given to the children and the expertise offering within school.

Teacher CPD

The school has access for two teachers from each school to attend a total of 5 CPD’s through the term, with a variety of options ranging from PE Curriculum set up within school to practical interventions to help improve the expertise of teachers delivering physical education.

By joining the School Games Package you will receive discounts on all of our packages and courses.

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Qualitas Sport now have 70+ schools across North East Derbyshire participating in the new School Sport Partnership.

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