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Sport Science Programme

Bridging the gap in participation with high quality provision

Course Content

Biology – Anatomy, Body Changes, Differences, Circulatory system, Nutrients, Diet and
Physics – Forces, Levers, Resistance and Friction.


-12 Week Programme/Split 6 Weeks Biology – 6 Weeks Physics
-1 Hour Sessions Split between practical

6 Week Biology

Week 1 Anatomy – Bones, Muscles, Activity Execution. Practical
Week 2 Circulatory System – Effects on Age and Exercise on the System
Week 3 Practical Experiment – Effects of Exercise on Heart Rate – Taking
Week 4 Data Conversation – Chart Creating
Week 5 Report Writing
Week 6 Nutrients Intake and Nutrition.

6 Week Physics

Week 1 Force: Push, Pull, Anatomy Recap
Week 2 How Muscle Works
Week 3 Practical – Throwing 3 different sporting objects for distance.
Week 4 Data Conversion – Chart Creating
Week 5 Report Writing
Week 6 Balance and Force Practical.


-PE/Sport Science Curriculum Checklist
-Class portfolio of finding of the experiments.
-The ability to understand the working of the human body in a sport and exercise setting.
-To present results of experiments in the correct way for peers to understand findings.
-The experience and understanding of how to write a scientific report using a variety of charts, comparisons
between results and develop theories for future experiments.
-Develop a scientific mind that always asks why and how.


We have created a video for this course so you get a better idea of what we offer and how this can extend into your school programmes.

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We have created a downloadable PDF for this course so you can take away and share with others. Feel free to download this below. 

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