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Qualitas Born to Move™

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Qualitas are proud to announce its partnership with the worldwide renowned Les Mills,
fitness powerhouse. By linking in with their BORN TO MOVETM fitness initiative, we can
add to their already large number of 45,000 primary and secondary children, in the UK,
engaging in online fitness sessions that can help raise the physical activity levels; in addition
to the levels achieved through curriculum PE in schools.

BORN TO MOVETM has been developed by Les Mills to nurture
a life-long love of physical activity through a Netflix-style interactive
library based on five pillars of child development: Fun, Belonging,
The Right Fit, Achievement, Safety and Security.



• To raise activity levels in primary school lessons outside the curriculum
offering in schools.
• To promote a healthy active lifestyle and environment.
• To engage children in actively seeking challenges to achieve their
personal best.
• To set the foundations of making physical activity fun and engaging in an
accessible platform for all.



Using a Netflix-style app and online platform teachers and other school staff
will have access to a library of BORN TO MOVETM physical activity led sessions,
ranging from dance focused content, boxercise, flexibility and strength as well as
superhero themed sessions to appeal to all ages and interests.
The sessions are designed to be used in addition to traditional PE Curriculum
sessions, complementing PE; to provide an increase in physical activity levels
and more rounded physical literacy experience.
The virtual platform used is dedicated to meet the requirements needed
in primary schools to take learning from the classroom/sport hall to home,
engaging the family with BORN TO MOVETM resources.



Based on independent evaluations BORN TO MOVE groups have shown
that they:
• Engaged in more moderate and vigorous physical for a greater percentage of
lesson time than the control group did in regular PE lessons.
• Engaged in less sedentary activity than the control group did in their regular
PE lessons.
• Evaluated the lessons positively in relation to enjoyment, motivation, the
teacher, the music, competence, concentration, fitness, and health.
• Evaluated lessons positively in relation to enjoyment, motivation, the teacher,
the music, competence, concentration, fitness, and health.
• Teachers evaluated the BORN TO MOVETM program positively citing
‘challenge’, ‘enjoyment’, teacher-child interactions, and improvements in
confidence as being the key indicators of success.



Les Mills also links into the UK Sports Leaders PlayMaker programme that creates Peer
Activators where children oversee the programmes being used in school, that increases
participation levels of others. The Activator programme is an online virtual programme run
at an additional cost to the BORN TO MOVETM platform.



The BORN TO MOVE TM Schools Platform will be built into the Qualitas Schools Sport
Partnership cost and any school signed up to the partnership will be entitled to the online
BORN TO MOVE sessions.
If your school is not part of the Qualitas School Sport Partnership programme the cost of
the programme would be £400.
External to the product is the BORN TO MOVETM Activator Programme. There is an
additional cost of £10 per pupil for any students wishing to complete the course.


We have created a video for this course so you get a better idea of what we offer and how this can extend into your school programmes.

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