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Musical Theatre Programme

Bridging the gap in participation with high quality provision

Course Content

From a 6 to a 36 week performing arts programme focussing upon dance, singing and
performing designed by qualified and experienced staff who have worked on the west end.



-To learn & improve core musical theatre skills including singing, dancing, acting and performing.
-To develop English reading and writing skills through script work
-To prepare children for a final performance.
-To develop employability skills through clear communication & positive body language.
-To embed British Values and educate upon the history of Britain.


– 6 Week block of singing, dancing & acting skills

Week Content

Week 1 Introduction to course.
Week 2 Dancing practical
Week 3 Dancing practical
Week 4 Acting skills.
Week 5 Acting skills.
Week 6 Singing skills.



Further Packages – Work scheme 1 / 2 / 3

Each programme can offer wider curriculum goals:
-English – Script reading & writing
-Employability skills – confidence, posture, speaking clearly, facial gestures.
-ICT – developing film footage, filming angles
-Equality & Diversity – Diverse range of shows and plays that can educate on many equality and diversity
issues (greatest showman).
-British Values – Shakespeare & the development of drama.
-Current Issues – embedding wider lessons (keeping safe online, crime etc)

12 Week programme (Scheme 2):

-Script reading
-Script writing
-Memorising lines

36 Week programme (Scheme 3):

-Stage management.
-Spatial Awareness.
-Creating adverts/trailers/poster.
-Art creating costumes and props
-Creating staging backdrops etc
-Promoting the love of reading


We have created a video for this course so you get a better idea of what we offer and how this can extend into your school programmes.

Download Course PDF

We have created a downloadable PDF for this course so you can take away and share with others. Feel free to download this below. 

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