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Qualitas are introducing a mindfulness programme which is bespoke for each schools needs.
The programme is designed to help children relax and improve their psychological control
to deal with daily challenges to create reactive pathways of thinking rationally. In todays
society children are facing a significant impact on their mental and physical wellbeing and
we are expecting a wave of challenges due to COVID 19. Children as young as 6 are suffering
from stress & anxiety and at Qualitas we feel that it is a necessity to provide children with an
opportunity to become resilient and overcome any barriers in their social and school life to
allow them to flourish.



• To help children to learn to relax
• To help children to learn to focus
• Teach skills to develop awareness
• Manage stress & anxiety
• Manage performance more effectively in areas such sport, music & drama
• Mitigate or reduce ADHD symptoms
• Support children psychologically to overcome obesity & mental health difficulties
• Teach children coping mechanisms in stressful situations (exams, sporting competition,
tests etc).



6 hour programme ratio 16-1 (half a class or Qualitas coach supported by a TA for the
hour). Each week will drip information for young people to develop an understanding of
mindfulness and take part in practical scenarios and activities that will help consolidate
understanding and learning.



• The children are able to control their emotions
• Enables children to operate with compassion and empathy
• Improve psychological control
• Reduce reactive patterns of thinking, feel and behaving, whilst enhancing cognitive control.
• Children are able to use self reflective learning.
• Children are able to deal with anger issues or stressful situations.



• Qualitas can offer extensions to the programme beyond the 6 week to increase the impact
for the learners throughout the academic year.
• The course would be beneficial on the lead up to exam periods.
• Qualitas can work with school staff to deliver CPD on implementation of coping
• Linking school with families this programme could be delivered with parents involved
depending on the desires of the school.
• Extend this into after school classroom clubs that correspond with mindfullness in yoga/tai
chi/arts and crafts/dance/martial arts.


We have created a video for this course so you get a better idea of what we offer and how this can extend into your school programmes.

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