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Racism, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

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Course Content


• To educate UKS2 children on racism, equality, diversity and inclusion.
• For children to understand what racism is
• For children to understand the implications and consequences of being racist
• For children to understand what diversity is
• For children to learn how to accept people whatever their nationality/race/religion/gender
• For children to understand what inclusion is
• For children to learn how disabilities can affect people


A 6 week course comprised of 1 hour lessons.
The course will be classroom based and will be made up of workshops undertaking
the above. Children will work through a booklet of tasks and scenarios to help them to
understand racism, diversity and inclusion and how this will affect them as people of the
world. Sporting and non sporting examples will be used overall as a vehicle to emphasise
current examples.

• Diversity
• Social Norms
• Stereotypes
• Disability
• British Values
• Social Media and E-Safety



• Children will demonstrate and apply the British Values of Democracy, Tolerance, Mutual
respect, Rule of law and Liberty.
• Children will know and be aware of what the terms racism/equality/diversity/inclusion are
and understand their impact on individuals and a wider society
• Children will demonstrate a healthy outlook towards school.
• Improve attendance
• Children will achieve age related expectations across the wider curriculum.
• Children will become healthy and responsible members of society
• Children will be on their journey preparing them for life and work in modern Britain.
Children will become aware of the diverse nature of their community and surroundings and will
have a better understanding of how to treat everybody equally and with compassion. Children
will be able to understand the positive and negative reactions to having the correct etiquette
towards racism, diversity and inclusion as well as the consequences.


We have created a video for this course so you get a better idea of what we offer and how this can extend into your school programmes.

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We have created a downloadable PDF for this course so you can take away and share with others. Feel free to download this below. 

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