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Course Content

A 12 week programme to build awareness and understanding of how to live a healthy and
active lifestyle.


– A greater understanding of Health, Fitness and Nutrition and develop the foundations for a healthy lifestyle.
– Learn practically how to apply knowledge taught into practical applications on current lifestyles.
– Development of analysis, feedback and adaptation skills based on current lifestyle.
– Encourage these adaptions to other family members and friends.


– 12 Week block of Practical and Theory work.

Week Content

Week 1 Introduction to Course Classroom
Week 2 Exercise Session 1 Practical
Week 3 Healthy Eating 1 Classroom
Week 4 Exercise Session 2 Practical
Week 5 Healthy Eating 2 Classroom
Week 6 Exercise Session 3 Practical
Week 7 Importance of Physical Activity & Exercise Classroom
Week 8 Food Labels Classroom
Week 9 Exercise Session – Heart Rate Practical Practical
Week 10 Fitness Test Classroom & Practical
Week 11 Field Trip Classroom visits to supermarket.
Week 12 Re – Cap Course Classroom & Practical


– Children to understand the factors the contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
– Children to understand the nutrition categories of food as well as their importance and role within their body.
– Increase physical fitness of the children and understand the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle.
– Apply the effect of choice when choosing what to eat in a real word environment.
– Completed Change4Life journal to refer to, to help develop a healthy lifestyle away from a school environment.


We have created a video for this course so you get a better idea of what we offer and how this can extend into your school programmes.

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We have created a downloadable PDF for this course so you can take away and share with others. Feel free to download this below. 

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