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Bike a Mentals – Balance Bike

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Scheme of Work: Qualitas Sport Bike-A-Mentals, Balance Bikes,
Beginners Cycle Course & Intermediate Cycle Course

Qualitas offer a range of cycling courses from balance & fundamentals courses for reception
and year 1 pupils to beginner & intermediate cycling courses for KS1 & KS2 children, all are
delivered by qualified coaches. Cycling is a key method of active travel and is crucial in
developing a healthy nation, developing cycling knowledge and skills through primary school
can have a lifelong benefit on the wellbeing of individuals and communities.
Qualitas Sport Bike A Mentals: fundamentals and balance course.
Balancing is the most crucial foundation skill from a young age to enable each child to
become physically literate and excel in sport and physical activity preparing them for an
active life as well as reducing injuries from falling.


• For children to develop fundamental balancing skills.
• For children to take part in a variety of balancing activities.
• To prepare children for riding a bike; allowing children to gain skills and the confidence
required to independently ride a pedal a bike.
• To prepare children for the bike a mentals beginners course.
• To increase pupils safety awareness when riding a bike, and introducing road safety.



2 hour ratio 16-1.

Qualitas coaches will deliver the bike a mentals morning
using a range of stations working with 1 full class
Balance bikes All children will have a minimum of 40 minutes working on
balance bikes to gain the confidence and skills to balance &
manoeuvre safely.
All children will have a safety briefing and activities to
support ensuring children are safe when using a bike,
supporting children to fit their own helmet.
Balance &
All children will take part in fundamentals activities that
actively develop skills that can improve the ability to ride
a bike. All children will take part in balance activities which
will develop balancing skills using balance boards as well as
help the children to understand the theory of balancing to
build confidence in their own ability.
Learning traffic light systems, being able to stop efficiently
and safely, understand where would be safe to ride the



• Childre n are sufficient when balancing on a balance bike & in control of the balance bike.
• Children are prepared to apply the balance skills to riding a bike in the next stage of their
• Improvement of fundamental movement skills.
• Children understand safety equipment (helmet) and are able to fit this themselves, children
understand where it is safe to use a bike and crossing roads.


We have created a video for this course so you get a better idea of what we offer and how this can extend into your school programmes.

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